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    We're the Vancouver School Board's online school.

    Since 1990, we've provided a comprehensive, flexible and engaging edution program that provides an alternative to traditional in-person learning for many different profiles of students.

    Important Updates:
    Posted on11.05.2018

    You n do your school work from anywhere, at your own pace and on your own schedule. Registration opens Monday, May 14 and closes Friday, July 6. Courses run until Friday, August 3. Free to school-aged BC residents (fees for international students).


    Apprentice and Workplace Math 10 & 11
    Biology 11 & 12
    reer Life Edution (CLE)
    Chemistry 11 & 12
    Civics 11
    English 10, 11 & 12
    Foundations and Pre-lculus Math 10
    French 10, 11, & 12
    Mandarin Intro 11, 11 & 12
    Physil Edution 10
    Physics 11 & 12
    Planning 10
    Pre-lculus 11 & 12
    Science 10
    Social Studies 10 & 11
    Spanish Intro 11, 11 & 12

    If the course you want is not shown, you n register in our full-year courses that start and finish whenever you want. A full list of available courses n be found on our website.

    Posted on23.08.2017

    Did your grade 10-12 VLN course final grade make it onto your Ministry Transcript? Here's how to find out.

    Posted on23.08.2017

    Many students want to know when their marks will be added to their transcript. Here's the latest information.

    Posted on23.08.2017

    Need your Report rd? Find out how to get it here.

    Already know what you're looking for?

    Did you know?

    We offer over 90 VSB classes online

    All courses are Dogwood Accredited by the BC Ministry of Edution.

    VSB Certified Teachers

    All of our teachers are certified employees of the Vancouver School Board.

    Free for BC Students

    All of our courses are free for school-aged residents of British Columbia.